Important Announcement From The P.E.R.S.O.N. Project - 2/13/2004

I regret to announce that due to RSI problems I must cut back on my computer use and will no longer be able to update the P.E.R.S.O.N. Project web site. I may make corrections to pages from time to time, but don't anticipate doing regular updates as I have in the past. The site will remain up and available as an archive.

If any good-hearted volunteer(s) would like to take on the task of updating the site and administering the mailing list, I would be more than happy to assist them. Potential volunteers would need to be able to send & receive email, have access to FTP, and have at least a minimal knowledge of HTML or other methods of creating and editing web pages. If you're interested in helping out, please email [email protected].

It's been a wonderful, rewarding experience working on the P.E.R.S.O.N. Project for the past eight years, and I deeply regret having to stop. Best wishes to all.

Jean Richter

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Last updated 2/13/2004 by Jean Richter, [email protected]