[THIS FIRST RESOURCE IS A "MUST HAVE" FOR ANYONE INTERESTED IN DOING EDUCATIONAL EQUITY ORGANIZING. Note that the highly successful Massachusetts efforts have hinged upon core participation by YOUNG PEOPLE (lgbt AND "straight" peers) themselves!!!] "Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth: Breaking the Silence in Schools and in Families." Education Report of the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, Feb. 25, 1993. Available from the Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, State House, Room 111, Boston MA 02133. 617-828-3039. They have also produced a video, "Gay and Lesbian Youth Making History in Massachusetts," copies of which cost $8 each, checks payable to the Fenway Health Clinic and sent to the Commission. This video, an excellent organizing tool which can be shown at school assemblies, meetings and community events, features: "You are Not Alone: National Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Youth Organization Directory," Spring 1993 (as of July 1995, out of stock but being revised). A listing of over 170 organizations that provide counseling, support groups, social events and other services to sexual minority and questioning youth in the USA and Canada. Suggested donation $5, Hetrick-Martin Institute, 2 Astor Place, NY NY 10003; phone= 212-674-2400.

"Both of My Moms' Names are Judy: Children of lesbians and gays speak out." (1995) Created by the Lesbian and Gay Parents Association (San Francisco) as a tool for elementary-school educators. A diverse group of children ages 7-11 tell us what it is like for them to have lesbian and gay parents. (10 and 1/4 minutes). Available as part of a packet of training materials for an "Overcoming Homophobia in the Elementary Classroom" workshop. Workshop materials including video, $50 (institutional rate) or $25 (individual). Above price includes tax, book-rate postage and handling. Make checks payable to LGPA, and send to LGPA, c/o 6705 California St., #1, San Francisco CA 94121. For more information, call 415-387-9886.

"A Little Respect," 1991. A video for use with beginning college students to assist in combatting homophobia. Available from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Department of Health Education, University Heights, 249 University Ave., Newark NJ 07102, 201-648-1236.

"Gay Youth, " 1992. A video for use in junior high and high school. Made by a former teacher and featuring a diverse range of young people speaking for themselves. Winner of CINE Golden Eagle Award (1992), "Gay Youth" is an educational video designed to address homophobic attitudes and actions often encouraged in the public schools. It contrasts the suicide of 20-year old Bobby Griffith with the courageous life of 17-year old Gina Gutierrez. The video shows that information, acceptance, and support make enormous differences in the lives of these young people. The 40 minute VHS cassette with study guide is available for $60 US plus $6 US shipping and handling. To order, make checks payable to BANGLE (Bay Area Network of Gay and Lesbian Educators) c/o Wolfe Video, POB 64, New Almaden CA 95042. 408-268-6782.


All videos BELOW are available from Wolfe Video, 1-800-438-9653; web site is; address is Wolfe Video, POB 64, New Almaden CA 95042.
all $ amounts are U.S. dollars; shipping: include $5.25 for 1st video and $1 for each additional video|| ALL are also available from Lambda Rising Bookstore, whose shipping charge is $4, no matter how many videos are ordered: LAMBDA RISING BOOKSTORES <tm> - web site:; phone: 202-462-6969

"Growing Up Gay and Lesbian," 60 minutes. Award-winning host Brian McNaught presents a compelling look at the challenges of growing up gay or lesbian in a het world.

"Live to Tell," a NEW film documenting the first gay and lesbian prom in America. A fresh and delightful look at growing up gay and lesbian. 30 minutes.

"Straight from the Heart," 28 minutes. Academy Award nominee. Examines the issues parents face in coming to terms with having a gay or lesbian child, particularly for families with strong religious upbringings.

"Homophobia in the Workplace," 60 minutes. This video offers keys to overcoming ignorance and homophobia in the workplace. [schools are workplaces for LGBT teachers, administrators, and support staff, don't forget].

"Out in Suburbia," 28 minutes. Eleven lesbians ranging in age from 23 to 67 speak easily and frankly about their families, friends, and loves.

"Life and Times of Harvey Milk" (re-release), 87 minutes. A documentary of a true gay hero concerning communities and values in conflict, told with humor and compassion.

"Out for a change: Addressing homophobia in women's sports" A 27 minute broadcast quality video made in 1994 by Dee Mosbacher, MD, PhD. This video has won the 1995 NEMN Bronze Apple. "Out for a change" exposes the devastating emotional impact homophobia has on _all_ women athletes. It includes interviews with college students, athletes, coaches, administrators, and NCAA officers, as well as with prominent professional athletes like Martina Navratilova and Zina Garrison-Jackson. "Out for a change" clearly shows that homophobia is a political tool used to retain straight male control over the multibillion dollar sports industry. Intended audience: High school, college and university-level classes and student programs; sports programs and organizations; teacher and diversity training programs and organizations. "Homophobia is an important issue that affects all women athletes regardless of sexual orientation." Chris Evert, Tennis Champion. To order, contact Woman Vision, 3145 Geary Blvd. Box 421, San Francisco CA 94118; phone= 415-346-2336, fax= 415-346-1047. Video WITH curriculum= $89.95. Video only= $69.95. Curriculum only= $20. CA residents add sales tax. Shipping and Handling: first video packet @$10 each, additional packets @$2.50 each; curriculum only @$3.00 each. Visa/MasterCard orders accepted for totals of $75 or more.

Democracy Media in Portland, Oregon is distributing a videotape called "Gay Lives & Culture Wars." This 27 minute video focuses on lesbian and gay youth and their families, presenting young people telling their personal stories about coming to terms with their sexual identity.
Punctuated by anti-gay propaganda, the video counters common myths and misinformation spread about the gay and lesbian community. The tape shows the pain and tragedy that can result from society's ignorance and fear of lesbian and gay people and deals with many ways in which gay and lesbian youth are at risk. It reaches out to people who don't know much about what it's like to be lesbian or gay and puts a human face on the stereotypes promoted out of ignorance and fear of the unknown. This tape is a useful educational and organizing tool, especially in areas fighting anti-gay initiatives, a phenomenon we are very familiar with in Oregon. Here we have had great success fighting anti-gay initiatives through grassroots education and the use of videos. We hope our new video can be of help in communities hit by anti-gay initiatives, or working to get proactive anti-discrimination legislation passed. You can get copies of "Gay Lives & Culture Wars" from Democracy Media, P.O. Box 82777, Portland, Oregon 97282. Tapes are $20 each plus $2.50 for postage and handling. For more information you can also call (503) 452-6500.

"Safe Choices Guide: AIDS & HIV Policies and Prevention Programs for High-Risk Youth" (1995, 2nd edition). A complete AIDS & HIV manual, specially designed for shelter and agency staff who serve youth in high-risk situations. Available through the National Resource Center for Youth Services, 202 W. Eighth St., Tulsa OK 74119-1419. Purchase price: $30 plus postage and handling. Bulk discount available. Phone= 918-585-2986; fax= 918-592-1841.

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) uses a curriculum called "About Your Sexuality" (AYS), which is a comprehensive *sex* education curriculum for 7th and 8th graders. To learn more about it, contact Jory Agate, director of Youth Programs at the UUA (it is currently being revised) or write to Office of Lesbian and Gay Concerns (Unitarian Universalist), c/o UU Association, 25 Beacon St., Boston MA 02108-2800; phone= 617-742-2100.

~A curriculum to teach health providers about homophobia has been developed by the Office of Gay and Lesbian Concerns, 125 Worth Street, Room 601, Box 67, New York, NY 10013, tel. 212-788-4310, fax 212-788-5243.

"Saving Our Schools from the Religious Right: The Lake County, Florida Story" (a publication available from Saving Our Lake County Schools, P.O. Box 492124, Leesburg, FL 34749)

"Community Action Kit: An Information Pack to Support Comprehensive Sexuality Education" (distributed by SIECUS, 130 West 42nd Street, Suite 350, New York, NY 10036, tel. 212-819-9770, fax 212-819-9776).

Network, a newsletter for lesbian or gay parents, families and friends, from the Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition International, Box 50360, Washington, D.C. 20091.

"Hostile Hallways: The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Survey on Sexual Harassment in America's Schools." 28 pp. 1993. This survey revealed, much to the AAUW's surprise, that harassment on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation is one of the most prevalent forms of sexual harassment. Survey conducted by Louis Harris on 1632 students in grades 8-11. $11.95 if you are not an AAUW member, $8.95 if you are. (Membership costs $35). Mail orders (include $4 for shipping and handling) to AAUW Sales Office, Dept 340, POB 251, Annapolis Junction MD 20701-0251 or credit-card (visa, mastercard) orders by telephone: 1-800-225-9998, ext. 340. Bulk pricing availalbe on orders of 10 or more. You can also request a catalog of their other publications by calling their 800 number.

Addressing Sexual Harassment in Elementary and Secondary Education. Marcia D. Greenberger, Project Director, National Women's Law Center, 11 Dupont Circle, NW Suite 800 Washington, DC 20036; ph=202-588-5180; Fax= 202-588-5185 N.B. In '95-'96, this field project will develop a model education program, curriculum or other material.

Sexual Harassment and Gender Violence in Schools. Nan Stein, Project Director. Wellesley College Center for Research on Women 106 Center Street Wellesley, MA 02181-8259; ph= 617-283-2502; Fax= 617-283-2504; E-mail: [email protected]. N.B. In '95-'96, this field project will develop a model education program, curriculum or other material.

RE: gender equity instruments/evaluation, etc -- contact The Center for Research on Women, Wellesley College, 106 Central Street, Wellesley, MA 02181-8259 (attn: Publications Department). 617/283-2510; fax: 617/283-2504.
The particular document that might be of interest is "How Schools Can Stop Shortchanging Girls (and Boys): Gender Equity Strategies" by Kathryn Wheeler. 1993 67 pages, $9.00 (prepayment required; includes postage and handling). A staffer there who is herself a hugely valuable resource is Nan Stein, Senior Researcher/Project Director Center for Research on Women Wellesley College, [email protected]. Regarding curriculum for elementary school children on sexual harassment, Lisa Sjostrom and Nan Stein will be releasing theirs, "Bullyproof," for grades 4 & 5, by January 1996. For more information, please contact the Publications Department as shown above. It will be about 80 pages, and will sell for about $20.00. It is based on 2 years of work/research in 7 classrooms in MA schools. In addition, with her partners in NYC at Educational Equity Concepts (see below), Stein has just received a federal grant for a 2 year project to research and develop a curriculum on teasing and bullying (as the ancedents to sexual harassment) for grades K-3. It will become part of the BULLYPROOF series.

Gender-Based Teasing and Bullying in Grades K-5. Merle Froschl, Project Director, Educational Equity Concepts, Inc., 114 East 32nd Street Suite 701, New York, NY 10016; ph= 212-725-1803; Fax= 212-725-0947; E-mail: [email protected]. N.B. In '95-'96, this field project will develop a model education program, curriculum or other material.

"Hate, Homophobia and Schools," a 60 minute video available in September 1995 from NEWIST/CESA 7. From the promotional flyer: "GLB and T children are often surrounded by hatred within the walls of their schools...'Hate, Homophobia and Schools' is designed around a forum of gay and non-gay, some anti-homosexual, youth and adults discussing what it is like to grow up gay in this society. The program will have a positive impact on school kids, both homosexual and heterosexual, middle and high school staff, as well as families of those at-risk children. The intention of 'Hate, Homophobia and Schools' is to lessen the impact of homophobia in our society, by helping teens understand what it is like to live with hate and fear and helping them understand that they can have a direct impact on the quality of life some of their fellow teens are experiencing." Purchase: $195.00, Rental: $50.00 (Rental may be applied toward purchase). Shipping/handling: $3.75 per video (BUT, if check accompanies order, shipping/handling NOT charged!). For more information call 414-465-2599 or 800-633-7445. Orders by check or institutional purchase order may be sent to NEWIST/CESA 7, IS 1040, UW-Green Bay, Green Bay WI 54311. Be sure to include your complete ship-to address and phone number with your order, printed or typed.

"Sexual Orientation: Reading Between the Labels," is a video available now from NEWIST/CESA 7. From the promotional flyer: "'Sexual Orientation: Reading Between the Labels focuses on issues facing gay and lesbian youth and is designed to help build respect between individuals of divergent sexual orientation. Ignorance about homosexuality has contributed to a climate of fear, isolation, discrimination and violence toward those perceived as homosexual. Rather than relying solely on testimony from professionals, 'Sexual Orientation: Reading Between the Labels' provides a forum for gay and lesbian teens to speak of their concerns."

Gold Medal, Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Honorable Mention: Central Educational Network (CEN)
Honorable Mention: National Council on Family Relations
Honorable Mention: Association for the Care of Children's Health Media Competition

Purchase: $195.00, Rental: $50.00 (Rental may be applied toward purchase). Shipping/handling: $2.75 per video.

For more information call 414-465-2599 or 800-633-7445. Orders by check or institutional purchase order may be sent to NEWIST/CESA 7, IS 1110, UW-Green Bay, Green Bay WI 54311. Be sure to include your complete ship-to address and phone number with your order, printed or typed."And God Loves Each One," 1988. Short, clearly written, excellent example of affirming language. Available from Reconciling Congregation Program, POB 23636, Washington DC 20026.
"Building Bridges: Exploring the Needs of the Lesbian and Gay Community, Fall 1990. An In-service Training Guide for UWBA Member and Grant Agencies prepared by the United Way of the Bay Area Task Force on Lesbian and Gay Issues. Available from The United Way, 410 Bush St., San Francisco CA 94108-3799, 415-772-4300.

"CROSSROADS: Supporting Sexual Minority Youth." A publication of the American Friends Service Committee's Bridges Project. "Bridges of Respect: Support for Lesbian and Gay Youth," 1989. Resource guide for people working with lesbian and gay youth (also available in Spanish). Both resources are available from the American Friends Service Committee, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia PA 19102, 215-241-7133.

"Working it Out": Scenes from the lives of LGB Youth. Video (1995) from RFMH/HIV Center, 722 W. 168th St., NY NY 10032. 30 minutes. $100 dollars each plus $5 S&H U.S., $15 S&H International. Blurb says "Ideal for use with groups to generate discussions or to build coping strategies around difficult issues Also useful as a consciousness raising tool for those wanting to change discriminatory behavior toward the adolescent LGB community. The viceo is the result of a collaborative effort between HIV Center behavioral scientists, LGB youth, and The Media Group,Inc."

"Speaking For Ourselves: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Youth," a half-hour documentary profiling the lives of 5 gay and lesbian young people who represent a wide cross-section of cultures and backgrounds. It also focuses on the difficulties gay and lesbian youth face in schools. 1994, 27 minutes. Winner of a 1994 Cine Golden Eagle Award. For purchase or preview information, call Intermedia, 1-800-553-8336; 1300 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 220, Seattle WA 98109. Ask for their catalog while you're at it, as they have other stuff on AIDS prevention, diversity, sexual harassment, etc.

"Trevor, " 1995 Academy Award winning 18-minute film which is the story of a 13-year old boy, his emerging sexuality, and his realization that he is gay. For purchase or preview information, call Intermedia, 1-800-553-8336; 1300 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 220, Seattle WA 98109. Ask for their catalog while you're at it, as they have other stuff on AIDS prevention, diversity, sexual harassment, etc.

New Resource Guide Available: Gay, Lesbian Straight Teachers Network/Los Angeles member Bob Riddle, an academic dean at the Crossroads School, has completed his resource guide "Breaking the Silence: Addressing Gay Issues in Independent Schools." Including multiple resource lists, sample policies, and other useful documents, the guide will be helpful to all educators and especially to those working in independent schools. To obtain a copy, send a check for $11 to: Bob Riddle, The Crossroads School, 1714 21st St., Santa Monica, CA 90404-3994.

"Love Makes A Family" is a photograph-text exhibit of thirty families of diverse racial and economic backgrounds with lesbian or gay members--grandparents, parents and/or youth. Endorsed by NGLTF, GLSTN, PFLAG, and GLPCI, the exhibit is designed to be used by parents, teachers, students and others interested in bringing issues of family diversity to their schools, community centers, churches and synagogues, colleges and museums beginning in the spring of 1995. There are two age-appropriate versions of the exhibit: one for elementary school students (K-6) and one for teenagers, college students, and adults.

For information about bringing this exhibit to your community, contact:
Pam Brown and Peggy Gillespie, POB 1216, Amherst MA 01004-1216
Phone: 413-256-0502 or 256-0049; fax 413-253-3977, [email protected]
Web site:
"Empathy, An Interdisciplinary Journal for Persons Working to End Oppression on the Basis of Sexual Identities." Editor: James T. Sears. Subscriptions from Gay and Lesbian Research Project (GLARP). Mail to Empathy, POB 5085, Columbia SC 29250.

"Flirting or Hurting? A Teacher's Guide on Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment in Schools (Grades 6 through 12)" by Nan Stein and Lisa Sjostrom. 1994. 106 pp. $19.95 (includes S/H costs). Publication No. CRW9. Order from Publications Dept, Center for Research on Women (make checks payable to the Center), Wellesley College, 106 Central St., Wellesley MA 02181-8259. The curriculum includes 6-10 classroom lessons, suitable for Social Studies, English, Psychology, or Health Classes. Is relevant to sexual harassment of LGBT students. Includes student handouts (case studies, ethnography assignments, quizzes, a survey, definitions and legal info) as well as teacher assignments (background teaching notes, troubleshooting, and supplemental readings including Supreme Court cases and articles from teen magazines and the popular education press.

Amnesty International Human Rights Educators' Network and Amnesty International Members for Lesbian and Gay Concerns (1994). "Breaking the Classroom Silence." Chicago: AI-USA, 53 West Jackson, Room 1162, Chicago IL 60604, tel. 312-427-2060 OR obtain a copy for $8 (includes S/H) from Dave Donahue, 365 Euclid Ave. #306, Oakland CA 94610, email [email protected]. This curriculum for teachers of high school students and adults contains six lessons which explore gay and lesbian issues in the context of broader human rights issues. Also included: resources for gay and lesbian youth, extensive bibliography, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (official and children's version).

"A Guide to Leading Introductory Workshops on Homophobia" (1990). Cambridge: The Campaign to End Homophobia. $12. The Campaign to End Homophobia, P.O. Box 819, Cambridge MA 02139, tel. 617-868-8280. Written for a facilitator with little experience. Excellent activities.

"Surviving AIDS: Simple Answers to Complex Questions about AIDS and Adolescent Homosexuality." Reynolds, Susan, Gary Remafedi, John Yoakman, and Kevin Cwayna (1991) Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Youth AIDS Project. $5. Adolescent Health Program, Box 721, UMHC, Harvard St. at East River Road, Minneapolis MN 55455, tel 612-627-6820. The manual uses a question and answer format to discuss "Adolescents and AIDS," "Homosexuality," "Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Adolescents," "Intervention Strategies," and "AIDS Prevention for Gay Teenagers." This publication includes appendices on resources, suggested books, and facts about AIDS and gay youth.

National Education Association Health Information Network. 1201 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20036. Extensive material on HIV/AIDS and other health issues. 202-822-7570.

National Education Association Human and Civil Rights Division, 1201 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20036. Division responsible for development of training materials for members entitled "Affording Equal Opportunity for Gay and Lesbian Students Through Teaching and Counseling." 202-822-7700.

"One Out of Ten Students, A Resource Directory for Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Parents, and School-Based Adolescent-Care Providers." Prepared by The Advisory Committee on Lesbian and Gay Adolescents of the Personal Liberty Fund of the New Jersey Lesbian and Gay Coalition, 1989. Undergoing revision. Will be available from The Personal Liberty Fund, POB 11335, New Brunswick NJ 08906-1335. 908-545-8806.

"Project 10 Handbook, Addressing Lesbian and Gay Issues in Our Schools," 2nd Edition, 1990, and video "Who's Afraid of Project 10?" Available from Friends of Project 10, Fairfax High School, 7850 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles CA 90046. 818-441-3382.

WINGSPAN MINISTRY Poster Project. Positive message by poster. Contact Leo Treadway, Ministry Associate, 100 North Oxford St., St. Paul MN 55104. 612-224-3371.

Famous L/G/Bi People in History Poster. Multicolor, multicultural poster to benefit GLAAD/SFBA's Project 21, a national educational equity policy advocacy campaign. Available from GLAAD/SFBA, 1360 Mission #200, San Francisco CA 94103. 415-861-2244.

Project 10 East, Al Ferreira, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, 459 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02138, 617-349-6486, fax -6897. Programs to serve needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual students, includes student "alliance of Gays and Straights to combat homophobia and heterosexism."

Gay and Lesbian High School Curriculum and Staff Development Project, Catalogue of materials developed by and available from Arthur Lipkin, Research Associate, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 210 Longfellow Hall, Cambridge MA 02138, 617-547-2197.

"A Bibliography: Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education," compiled by Mr. Tracy Phariss. Available from The Teachers' Group of Colorado, POB 280346, Lakewood CO 80228-0346. $10 donation. Ask about curriculum materials also.

"Oregon's Sexual Minority Youth: An At-Risk Population- Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth." By the Task Force on Sexual Minority Youth, July 1991. Contact Judy Chambers, 531 SE 14th, Portland OR 97214, 503-280-5840.

EQUITY INSTITUTE, a national multicultural organization, committed to the elimination of racism, sexism, anti-semitism, homophobia, classism, ageism, and ableism. Equity Institute, Inc., 6400 Hollis Street, Suite 15, Emeryville CA 94608. 510-658-4577, fax -5184, email= [email protected]. Equity has training programs around the US and has created "Sticks, Stones, and Stereotypes, " a bias reduction video and curriculum including an emphasis on ending homophobia for high school level.

San Francisco Unified School District Support Services for Gay and Lesbian Youth. History units and packet on family diversity and living with gay parents. Developed by Barbara Blinick. Contact Kevin Gogin, School Health Programs Department, 1412 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco CA 94115, 415-749-3400.

"Toward Understanding...1 in 10 of us is Lesbian or Gay." in "Teaching Safer Sex," 1989, by the Center for Family Life Education: Planned Parenthood of Greater Northern New Jersey, 196 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960, (973) 539-9580, x120. A high school lesson plan including suggestions for dealing with classroom heterosexism, procedures for exploring the myths about gay and lesbian people in small and large group discussions. Includes a bibliography for use in class about or for gay and lesbian youth. All their books are very well-described at

The ASCD (a professional group dealing with Curriculum Development) Network of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues in Education has made a commitment to maintain an on-going list of organizations and curriculum materials for educators, community service workers, and researchers. The network announces the release of "Equity, Education, and Safer Schools, Colleges, and Universities," a greatly expanded resource directory. For more information about the ASCD resource directory or joining the ASCD, contact 25 Flax Rd., Fairfield CT 06430.

~The Indiana Youth Group has a small poster (11"x17") for sale. It has large boldface letters saying: "THIS IS A SAFE PLACE TO TALK ABOUT..." on a background of a lot of words just going across the whole page in lighter print as background listing all the possibilities of things to talk about, including homosexuality, AIDS, having intercourse, accomplishments, suicide, prejudice, secrets and on and on. Ideal for a school advisor's or counselor's office, only $1. For further information or to order, contact:

IYG, PO Box 20716 , Indianapolis, IN 46220
office phone is:317-541-8726~
Chelsea House Publishers is publishing two series for teenagers on gay and lesbian themes: "Lives of Notable Gay Men and Lesbians" and "Issues in Gay and Lesbian Life." First volumes were issued in January 1994. Contact Lydia Rinaldi, Chelsea House Publishers, 300 Park Avenue South, NY NY 10010, 212-677-4010. TO ORDER, OR FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-800-848-BOOK

"Fairfax County Public Schools Family Life Education Curriculum" and materials that are inclusive of issues of sexual orientation. Grade level descriptions and objectives are available. Contact Jerald Newberry, Director of Family Life Education, Lacey Instructional Center, 3705 Crest Drive, Annandale VA 22003, 703-846-8654.

"Respect All Youth Project." Issue papers on development of sexual identity and needs of gay and lesbian youth. Available from Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), 1012 14th St. NW, Suite 700, Washington DC 20005, 202-638-4200.

From PFLAG: To order these, contact the PFLAG National office at 1101 14th St NW, Suite 1030, Washington DC 20005; 202-638-4200. Discounts are available for members, chapters, and bulk orders.

"Our Daughters & Sons: Questions and Answers for Parents of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People." A 24 page pamphlet covering a wide range of topics vital to parents working to accept their child's sexuality and to build a stronger, more loving relationship with him or her. Includes a resource guide and recommended readings for parents and their children.

"Respect All Youth: Youth and Homosexuality, Issue Paper #3." The revised 3rd edition in the highly acclaimed series published by PFLAG. Issue Paper#3 is designed for professionals who work with youth. 12 pages, the pamphlet includes clear and concise information on the implications of sexual diversity throughout childhood; distinctions between sexual identity, orientation, and behavior; the effects of stigmatization as children grow; and guidelines for creating hospitable settings for all children and youth.
"We Were Marked with a Big A" and "After the War, You Have to Tell Everyone About the Dutch Gay Resistance Fighters," two films by Dr. Claus Muller (historian and filmmaker) about the gay experience in Nazi camps and fighting Nazis in the Dutch underground during WW II. Contact the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC for information on obtaining copies of these films.

"The Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage," (June 1995; Henry Holt, 800 pp., $45). This reader's companion to writers and their work from antiquity to the present was edited by Claude J. Summers. Authors are arranged in alphabetical order; it is a guide to the writers, their works, and the transcultural and transhistorical legacy of gay and lesbian literature. Nearly 400 entries.

"LESBIANISM: An annotated Bibliography and Guide to the Literature, 1976-1991, " by Dolores J. Maggiore. (1992) ISBN 0-8108-2617-8, 271 pp, $32.50. Including more than 500 abstracts, this updated, revised edition of the base volume presents a comprehensive annotated bibliography of published AND UNPUBLISHED social science material, theses, journal articles, and books on lesbianism written 1976-1991 in the fields of social work, psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, medicine, law, gender studies, literature, and history.

"Responding to Homophobia: Toward a Safer School for All Students," a presentation by Rheua Stakely at the 1994 NAIS Annual Conference in Florida. To obtain a copy, write or call Magnamedia, Inc., 6420 Orange Bay Avenue, Orlando FL 32815. 407-351-1119.

"Making Schools Safe: Dealing with Issues of Gay and Lesbian Youth. Audio tapes from a conference held at Lesley College, Cambridge MA on April 3, 1993. Cambridge Transcriptions, 675 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA 02139; phone= 617-547-0200.

"Always My Kid: A family guide to understanding homosexuality," Triangle Video productions. 74-minutes. Features the experiences of PFLAG parents and their children in their personal journeys to understanding homosexuality and its implications for building stronger families. To order, contact Triangle Video Productions, 550 Westcott, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77007; phone= 713-869-4477; fax= 713-861-1577.

"Coming Out of the Classroom Closet" edited Karen Harbeck, 1992, Harrington Park Press, 10 Alice St, Binghamton NY 13904-1580.

"One Teacher in Ten: Gay & Lesbian Teachers Tell Their Stories" is a paperback edited by Kevin Jennings, Executive Director of GLSTN. It is published by Alyson Publications, Inc., 43 Plympton St, Boston MA, 02118, (617-542-5679) and costs $9.95, (cover price not including taxes or shipping/handling). ISBN 1-55583-263-6

"Becoming Visible," by Kevin Jennings. A curriculum/reader for college and high school social studies. 1994, trade paperback from Alyson Publications, Inc., 40 Plympton St., Boston MA 02118; ISBN 1-55583-2547 ($9.95)

"School's Out: The Impact of Gay and Lesbian Issues on America's Schools." Based on 300 interviews with teachers, principals, coaches, counselors, students and parents across the country, it's a 382-page anecdotal look at what's going on -- homosexually speaking -- in our public and private high schools, junior highs and elementary schools. For background information, contact Christine Sanni at: Alyson Publications, 40 Plympton St., Boston, MA 02118, tel.: 617-542-5679. Author Dan Woog can be contacted directly at: 301 Post Rd. East, Westport, CT 06880, tel.: 203-227-1755, email= [email protected].

"Gay & Lesbian Students: Understanding Their Needs," Besner & Spungin, 1995, 200 pp. $22.95 (paperback). Promoting an awareness of the problems encountered by gay and lesbian adolescents in the educational setting, this book explores the effects of these problems on the dropout rate, academic achievement, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, AIDS, school violence, and suicide. Taylor and Francis, distributors, 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol PA 19007-1598. Orders can also be placed by Internet at [email protected]. The book's order number is 1-56032-338-8 (or, for libraries, hardbound, which costs $44.95 is 1-56032-337-X).

Telling Visions . . . The Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance has produced "In Our Own Words: Dispelling The Stereotypes." The 8 minute video features 28 gay and lesbian individuals who touch upon a range of issues, from teen suicide to family values. Contact Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, P.O. Box 190712, Dallas, TX 75219, e-mail [email protected].

A Good Parent . . . The April '95 issue of "San Francisco-Peninsula Parent" magazine includes an article on "Teaching Children to Appreciate Diversity." Despite some unfortunate references to "alternative lifestyles," the author does include ample references to homophobia and the resources available for combating it. Significantly, the magazine focuses on young children (pre-school through grade 8). Contact Lisa Rosenthal, Editor, "S.F.-Peninsula Parent," P.O. Box 1280, Millbrae, CA 94030. tel. 415-342-9203, fax 415-342-9276.

From noted author and educator Warren Blumenfeld: a slide presentation, "Recovering the Past: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual History," which he is taking around North America. It is a unique and informative presentation resurrecting a history that has been hidden for so long. I chronicle this epic story beginning in ancient times before the construction of sexual identity as we now know it, to the beginning of an emancipation movement in the 19th century, and into the 20th century with the 'Homophile' and 'Gay Liberation' movements, and the impact of AIDS.

For further information, people can reach him at E-Mail: [email protected] or snail mail: PO Box 929, Northampton, MA 01061, Phone: (413) 585-9121
_Gay/Straight Alliances: A Student Guide_, written by Warren J. Blumenfeld and Laurie Lindop for the Massachusetts Department of Education, Safe Schools Program for Gay & Lesbian Students, is now available. This 71-page 1995 publication is for students and student organizations to help them plan support groups for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, heterosexual, and questioning students. The guide focuses on how to start and maintain these group. "School-based support groups can provide students with a place to meet and talk about issues related to sexual orientation. These groups can help to change the climate of a school and make it safer for all students." (p.1)
For ordering information:
Michael Kozuch
Safe Schools Program for Gay and Lesbian Students
Massachusetts Department of Education
350 Main Street
Malden, MA 02148-5023
(617) 388-3300 x395
Affirming Sexual Diversity: An Interactive Model for AIDS Educators
The program's goal is to enable educators to integrate an understanding of the effect of homophobia o HIV risk-reduction efforts. This will enhance their ability to educate about AIDS and HIV infection.

Write: Affirming Diversity Educational Project
Gay & Lesbian Community Action Council
310 East 38th St. Room 204
Minneapolis MN 55407
ETR Associates: "Living in Relationships" Seven lessons addressing the complexities of developing, maintaining, and breaking off relationships. This realistic curriculum helps students analyze the components of a good relationship; encourages responsible decisions about physical attraction; identifies myths and attitudes related to homosexuality; and provides practical steps to recovering from a relationship that has ended. Write: ETR Associates, POB 1830, Santa Cruz CA 95061-1830.

Project 10 Handbook: Project 10 is a dropout prevention program targeted at lesbian and gay teens. FRIENDS OF PROJECT 10, INC. is a tax-exempt educational organization established in 1986 to assist schools and school districts in setting up counseling programs modeled after the PROJECT 10 program in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The organization also distributes non-judgmental materials which provide accurate information about human sexuality and which stress personal responsibility and risk-reduction behavior. Write: FRIENDS OF PROJECT 10, INC., 7850 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046

"Human Sexuality: Making Healthy Choices" is a collaborative project of Search Institute of Minneapolis and St. Paul Maternal and Infant Care Project, first edition, 1986. Also known as "Values and Choices," this curriculum is written for 7th & 8th graders. Its premise is that teenagers are choice-makers and that they have the capacity to choose wisely, if taught how by teachers, parents and friends. By giving honest, straightforward information and sharing our values, we empower teenagers to make good choices, thereby having a positive impact on their lives. The manual includes "Notes to The Teacher, Information on Parent Sessions, and Student Lessons Outlines." Write: Search Institute of Minneapolis, 122 W. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis MN 55404.

"Understanding Sexuality: Making Healthy Choices" is a comprehensive human sexuality curriculum for senior high youth published by Health Start, Inc. in 1988. It can be used independently of other curricula or as a senior high sequel to Values and Choices. The learning activities for each lesson include clear, in-depth descriptions of activities to make teaching as easy as possible. Each lesson builds on the preceding one in terms of content and skill development. Write: Health Start, Inc., 640 Jackson St., St. Paul MN 55101

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