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National News and Alerts:

Women's Education Media Seeking Program Director (September 2005) new

GLSEN Survey on LGBT Youth and Schools (June 2005)

2005 National Day of Silence (April 2005)

Participants Wanted for GSA Survey (October 2004)

News And Information From The GLSEN Student Organizer (December 2003)

Join The GLSEN Student Leadership Team (August 2003)

Join The GLSEN Jump-Start Team (August 2003)

NYAC Launches Anti-Smoking Task Force (July 2003)

Take The GLSEN School Climate Survey (July 2003)

Gays Should Be Visible In History Texts (July 2003)

Youth Stories Wanted For Militarism Project (June 2003)

Good News In New York, Bad News In Louisiana (June 2003)

NEA Surveying LGBT Educators (May 2003)

Day Of Silence 2004 Leadership Team (April 2003)

Education Secretary Promotes "Christian Values" (April 2003)

Suggestions Wanted For High School Books (April 2003)

National Day Of Silence (April 2003)

LGB Youth Wanted For Academic Study (March 2003)

Day Of Silence Conference Call (March 2003)

LEAGUE Scholarships For LGBT Students (February 2003)

Articles And A Query From Families Like Mine (February 2003)

ACLU Files Two Discrimination Lawsuits (January 2003)

Scholarships For Youth Activists (January 2003)

News And Information From The GLSEN Student Organizer (September 2002)

LGBT School Personnel Sought For Film (September 2002)

Lambda Unveils Sex Education Toolkit (September 2002)

Male Athlete Sought For Homophobia In Sports Video (August 2002)

Middle School Students' Opinions Wanted (July 2002)

PFLAG Seeking LGBT Students For Safe Schools Project (July 2002)

Nickelodeon News Airs Show On Gay Families (June 2002)

Scholarships Offered For African-American Gays & Lesbians (June 2002)

Join The Day Of Silence Leadership Team (May 2002)

Teen Fights Against Anti-Gay Censorship (May 2002)

Support Resolution Honoring Day Of Silence (March 2002)

News And Info From Student Pride (March 2002)

Seeking Input From LGBT Youth In Foster Care (February 2002)

GLSEN Seeks Input On Problems With Internet Filters (February 2002)

GLSEN Seeks Input On School Heterosexism (February 2002)

News From Student Pride (February 2002)

Queer Students Left Out of Sex Education (February 2002)

GLSEN Praises NEA's Resolution On LGBT Protection (February 2002)

Article On Making Gay Students Safe (February 2002)

National Day Of Silence (February 2002)

LLDEF And GLSEN Publish Anti-Harassment Guide (January 2002)

Several Requests For Input/Assistance (January 2002)

Submissions Wanted For Book On LGBTQ Youth (January 2002)

GLSEN's Build The 'Book Giveaway (January 2002)

Submissions Wanted For Queer Youth Anthology (January 2002)

Q&A On New Education Bill (January 2002)

Focus Groups Forming On LGBT School Issues (January 2002)

CDC Guidelines On Preventing School Violence (December 2001)

Requests For Input On GSAs and Films (December 2001)

Information On Day Of Silence (December 2001)

Teacher Magazine Article On Teaching Tolerance (December 2001)

Useful Language From HRW Report (December 2001)

Lambda's World AIDS Day Report Card (November 2001)

News And Info From Student Pride (November 2001)

Queer Youth Info From The Safe Schools Coalition (November 2001)

APA Workshops On Healthy LGB Students (November 2001)

Input Sought From Queer Youth Of Color For Book (October 2001)

News And Info From Student Pride (October 2001)

Input Wanted For LGBT Youth Book (October 2001)

Coordinators Needed For Day Of Silence (October 2001)

Banned Books Week (September 2001)

Making Schools Safe For LGBT Students (September 2001)

Column: Kids Can Teach Us About Inclusiveness (August 2001)

News Article On National Safe Schools Effort (August 2001)

LGBTQ Student Input Sought For New Book (August 2001)

Proposed Legislation Would Study Harassment In School (August 2001)

Resource Suggestions Wanted (August 2001)

NEA Drops Pro-Gay Resolution (July 2001)

Support NEA President On Pro-Gay Resolution (July 2001)

On-Line School Climate Survey (June 2001)

Boxer Amendment Counteracts Antigay Helms Amendment (June 2001)

Student Pride Online GSA Survey (June 2001)

Action Alert: Fight Antigay Amendment In Senate Bill (June 2001)

Input Needed For Elementary Curriculum Guide (June 2001)

New Reports On Education Issues (May 2001)

Religious Extremists Take Anti-Gay Message To Schools (May 2001)

Girl Scouts Under Fire For Inclusiveness (May 2001)

Supreme Court Decision Impedes Civil Rights Protections (May 2001)

Two Pointers: For Biology Teachers And Anti-Censorship Advocates (May 2001)

Action Needed On Education Bill (May 2001)

NEA Today Article On "That's A Family!" (May 2001)

Workshops To Combat Hate (May 2001)

Thought-Provoking Article: "Safe Boys, Safe Schools" (May 2001)

Interview Subjects Sought For Bullying Film (May 2001)

House Education Bill Could Defund School Safety Programs (May 2001)

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