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Welcome to the Student Organizer, a bi-weekly update of News, Info and Resources to help you change the world!

Student Organizer
Vol. III, Issue 12

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The GLSEN Jump-Start II:Building a Timeline and Framing a Message

GLSEN is creating a series of resources for new and already-established gay-straight alliances (GSAs) or similar groups, to assist you as you begin to organize and plan for the school year.

***2. IN THE NEWS***

For Better or Worse, State Legislatures Take On LGBT Education Issues

With the defeat of regressive legislation in Virginia and California and solid progress on positive bills in Washington and New York states, GLSEN today noted that at least 13 bills relating directly to LGBT students are at play in 12 states.

80 LGBT Students Lobby In Support of Bill Banning Harassment (FL)

On Monday afternoon, about 80 gay and lesbian students from across the state gathered at the Capitol to support a measure by two Broward County legislators designed to protect them from harassment and abuse in public schools. Whether the bill can be protected from hostile opponents in the House remains uncertain.

***3. GET INVOLVED ***

There's power in numbers -- so help us build the Safe Schools Action Network by telling your friends and family, classmates and colleagues about this site. You can send a personalized e-card to as many as five e-mail addresses at once.

With less than 5 weeks left before April 10, 2002, here's 5 great reasons why you should be registered with the Day of Silence Project!

  1. Stay on top of the latest resources, news and info
  2. Get connected with local, regional and national support
  3. Tell the world you're involve by having your school listed as participating
  4. Learn about awesome organizing activities and regional Day of Silence trainings
  5. Everyone else is doing it!!!! Join over 500 schools from around the country by taking part in this years Day of Silence Project - check it out online at

Teaching Respect for All 2002

Join us in Los Angeles, Calif. on October 4 - 6, 2002 for the sixth annual Teaching Respect for All conference, which aims to build the capacity, conviction and number of activists necessary to create a future in which every child learns to accept and respect all others.

Submit a Workshop Proposal for Teaching Respect for All 2002

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