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Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Student Organizing Department "Student Organizing Alert & Update" - December 8th, 2003

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  1. LEADERSHIP TEAMS: 2nd annual GLSEN Student Organizers' Leadership Summit (SOLS)
  2. RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: 2003 National School Climate Survey
  3. IN THE NEWS: Harassed gay students get lower grades
  4. YEARBOOK ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Gay Athlete: An Oxymoron? Greg Kozicz, 16 Auburn High School- Auburn, MA
  5. GET INVOLVED & TAKE ACTION: Sign up for our annual Student of Color Organizers Retreat!
  6. QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Martin Luther King Jr.

1 - LEADERSHIP TEAMS: 2nd annual GLSEN Student Organizers' Leadership Summit (SOLS)
The second annual Student Organizer's Leadership Summit (SOLS) will be taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. GLSEN is bringing almost 30 student organizers to Albuquerque to be trained in campaign strategy, direct action organizing, anti-oppression work and action planning. These students will also get a chance to use their skill by taking part in an organizing effort in New Mexico.


2 - RESOURCE OF THE WEEK: 2003 National School Climate Survey

GLSEN today announced the release of the 2003 National School Climate Survey. For the first time, the bi-annual study reports a direct relationship between in-school victimization, school performance and the college aspirations of LGBT students.


3 - IN THE NEWS: Harassed gay students get lower grades

Harassed gay students get lower grades
A new survey indicates gay students reporting significant harassment in school are twice as likely to have lower grades and do not intend to go to college."

Battle with the Boy Scouts
"They have lost the ability to say what the values youth. He claimed that marriage rights would give many LGBT individuals "hope for the future" and may help..."

Boy says mom is gay; school rebukes him
"In an extraordinary case of discrimination by public school officials, a 7-year-old Louisiana boy was scolded and disciplined after he told a classmate his mother was gay."

Ministry withdraws from AIDS walk under pressure from bishop
"In a letter obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Burke told ministry coordinator Marge Schumann that her organization should no longer participate in the walk because two other groups that benefit from it - the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center and the YWCA Rainbow Alliance for Youth in La Crosse, Wis. - promote homosexual activity."

A lack of role models
"A 19-year-old gay youth from Oshkosh, Wis., is troubled by the fissure that seems to exist between younger and older queers...Gay youths and adults need to find common ground. I would have loved to have an adult queer from my community help organize an event for our gay-straight alliance club. In addition, to have LGBT youths do more to reach out to the organizations that cater to the older queers in my area would be an even greater stepping-stone for the community"

Teen's stance against homophobia honored
Stephanie Haaser, a 16-year- old junior at River Hill High School in Clarksville, stood on a cafeteria table last month and shouted "End homophobia now!" before bussing her friend Katherine Pecore, a 17-year-old senior.,0,3473665.story?coll=bal-local-howard

Harassment affects gay kids' schoolwork
The level of harassment faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students appears to play a role in their academic performance and aspirations for college, a survey released today suggests.

Sexual orientation discussed in schools
Last month, Marcus McLaurin, a second-grader in Louisiana, was punished for saying a bad word while waiting for recess at Ernest Gallet Elementary School. In fact, according to the assistant principal, the word was so bad that he could not repeat it over the phone to Marcus' mother.

Gay-issues club a hot topic for school district
Schools Superintendent Bill Korach will recommend to the school board tonight that it revoke a rule that prevented formation of a school-sponsored gay and lesbian support club last year.


4 - YEARBOOK ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Gay Athlete: An Oxymoron? Greg Kozicz, 16 Auburn High School- Auburn, MA
"He is a sixteen year old junior at a small high school in a little town called Auburn. He's involved in student government and many organizations in his school. Always an honor roll student, he's played soccer since he was four and is now playing for his school's varsity soccer team, The Rockets. Sounds like a 'normal' kid, right? Oh wait, I forgot to tell you, this kid's gay..."


5 - GET INVOLVED & TAKE ACTION: Forward and/or sign up for the GLSEN 2004 Student of Color Organizers (SOCO) Retreat!
Approximately twenty students of color organizers from across the US will be selected to participate in the GLSEN 2004 SOCO Retreat representing a diverse spectrum of students from many different communities and backgrounds. LGBQ students and straight allies, students from various ethnic and racial backgrounds who identify as people of color and students with diverse gender identities and expressions will be chosen -- all with one common identity, wanting to implement a project in their community that will serve communities or students of color and safe schools issues.
Apply today -- the deadline is Sunday, December 14!


6 - QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Martin Luther King Jr.

"The time is always right to do what is right!"

The Day of Silence Project - April 21, 2004: Join over two hundred thousand students & allies to protest the silencing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in schools across the country. Register online at today!


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