From: [email protected]
Date: August 5, 2003

Hey Student Organizers in Alaska, California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas,

Have you ever used a GLSEN Jump-Start? Do you belong to a student club that works with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues? Do you like to answer email and interact with other students? Are you interested in facilitating workshops and being trained in anti-oppression activities, Day of Silence, local school climate surveys, starting a student club or training teachers? If so, you should apply for the Jump-Start 2003-2004 National Student Leadership Team and be part of the growing movement of students making their schools and communities safer for all!

Last year, over 30 students from around the country were part of the Jump-Start leadership team. The leadership team was trained last year at GLSEN's national conference, Teaching Respect for All. These students, with help from GLSEN's Student Organizing staff, helped register almost 1,000 student clubs, answered thousands of emails from other students, trained hundreds of students using the GLSEN Jump-Start and other Student Organizing Department resources and were part of various trainings, both local and regional and facilitated workshops at conference such as: Boulder GSA Summit in Boulder, CO; Creating Change, in Portland; GSA Camp in Madison, WI; LLEGO Encuentro in Miami, FL; Michigan Safe Schools Summit in Ypsilanti, MI; SAFE conference in Bucks County, PA; True Colors Conference in Hartford, CT; and True Spirit Conference in Washington, DC.

This year, we want to double the size of last year's leadership team. The Jump-Start 2003-2004 National Student Leadership Team will be a group of over fifty middle and high school student organizers who will support student organizing efforts across the country - whether it be starting student clubs, commonly known as gay-straight alliances (GSAs); implementing local school climate surveys; planning local safe schools summits or training teachers. These young people will represent GLSEN's four regions and nine young people will co-chair the team to provide support to the team and guidance to GLSEN staff. Right now, we are looking for 50-60 students from around the country to be part of this team.

The training for this exciting team will take place September 18th through the 21st in Washington, DC at GLSEN's national conference, Teaching Respect for All 2003. If you are intrested in applying for this leadership team, check out the site below and send in your application as soon as possible! The deadline is Monday August 11th. All students that are accepted on to the Jump-Start Leadership Team will automatically be given a scholarship that will allow them to attend Teaching Respect for All 2003 at no cost.

Elizabeth Castañeda
Student Club Project Assistant
121 West 27th St, suite 801
New York, NY 10001

212.727.0135 x 104 (office)
212.727.0254 (fax)

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