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Dear Safe Schools Coalition members and friends,

ACTION ITEM:Researchers need GLBT youth who've been in foster care for phone interviews


Eastern Michigan University folks are in the process of developing training programs in 3 states. They are training workers in the foster care system that assist adolescents and young adults in making the transition from care to independent living. One of their goals is to help these workers better understand and meet the needs of LGBT youth in the foster care system.

Currently, they are looking for LGBT youth to participate in a phone interview (compensated $20.00 for their time) and youth to participate in a focus group in the future. LGBT or questioning youth who have been or are currently in the foster care system.

This study has been through the Human Subjects review process and is funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Dennis Grady, a gay man, a foster parent and an assistant professor at the University is the interviewer. His phone number is 734-480-2721. YOUTH CALL HIM COLLECT. His e-mail address is [email protected].

Participants' identity and participation will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

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