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Families Like Mine E-News
February 3, 2003

In this issue:

  1. COLUMN:Valentine's Day and the Double Standard

  2. COLUMN:"Different" Doesn't Mean "Bad"

  3. Q and A:How should a new gay dad deal with his born-again sister?

  4. BOOK UPDATE:Seeking Children of Transgender Parents

  5. THE LATEST:Conferences in February

1) COLUMN:Valentine's Day and the Double Standard

"Growing up with a father in a same-sex partnership makes it hard for me to partake in Valentine's Day without feeling like my membership card to the queer community will be revoked. This holiday is the ultimate expression of heterosexual privilege."

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2) COLUMN:"Different" Doesn't Mean "Bad"

"My family never really was 'just like' families with straight parents. But I didn't know how to explain what made my family different..."

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3) Q and A:How should a new gay dad deal with his born-again sister?

"She told me that God did not create me this way, and that homosexuality is an example of Satan's influence in the world...should I continue to involve my sister in my children's lives knowing what she believes about gay people?"

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4) BOOK UPDATE:Seeking Children of Transgender Parents

I continue to work on my first book, FAMILIES LIKE MINE, which will be published by Harper Collins (tentative release date is June 2004.) I want FAMILIES LIKE MINE to include voices of people with transgender parents, but so far I have found only three who have agreed to be interviewed.

If you or someone you know (14 years through adult) has or had "T" parent(s), please drop me a line at [email protected].


5) THE LATEST:Conferences in February

February 22, 2003
Minnesota Rainbow Families 8th Annual Conference

On February 22nd, more than 1,000 parents, their children, and their allies -- from Minnesota, the Midwest, and beyond -- will gather in Minneapolis for workshops, networking and celebration. Need-based scholarships are available through the organization. Details at:

Web links for these and other conferences are listed at:

February 14-17, 2003
American Boyz True Spirit Conference
Washington D.C.

February 14-16, 2003
Midwest BLGTA College Conference
Ohio State University

February 14-16, 2003
Conference on Lavender Languages and Linguistics
American University

February 15-16, 2003
Lesbian Lives Conference
University College Dublin

February 15-16, 2003
Outlines Conference
Wellington, New Zealand

February 21-23, 2003
"Coming Home Queer"
UCLGBTIA Conference at UC Riverside



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