IV. Resources:

Gay-Straight Alliance Network

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Historical Society of Northern California's web site is


The Task Force on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues of the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA) is pleased to announce that the brochure we have developed on Scholarships of Interest to Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Students has now been put on the web. The listing of 27 scholarships was prepared with the goal of making information available to LGB students who are pursuing studies in the State of California, although some scholarships can be used to attend colleges outside of California.
To reach the World Wide Web site directly:


Or one can go through its front door, "Fin Aid - the Financial Aid Information Page" (which is an excellent site and where many other categories of scholarships and other sources of financial aid are listed)


and then try entering appropriate keywords in the search box.

If you have information on additional scholarships of interest to LGB students, please contact:

CASFAA Task Force on LGB Issues
c/o Nance Spray
Glendale Community College
Financial Aid Office
1500 North Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA 91208
email: nspray@glendale.cc.ca.us
phone: (818) 240-1000, ext. 5432
fax: (818) 547-4469


*(Ms.) Loni Hancock, Secretary's Regional Representative, US Dept of Education, Region IX, 50 UN Plaza- Room 205, San Francisco CA 94102, ph= 415-556-4920, fax= 415-556-7242. Also employee Ron Neighbors, who's organizing a GLBT organization at USDOE...work phone= 415-556-8160.

*Jeff Horton, out gay man elected to LAUSD School Board, 450 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles CA 90012; phone= 213-625-6386, fax 213-626-2815. Horton was voted PRESIDENT of the LAUSD Board by the other Board members (with several absent and the rest unanimous) in July 1996.

* Gary Miller, gay man formerly on school board in Robla, near the state capital of Sacramento CA. <garymiller95838@yahoo.com>, (916) 296 8657

*Dr. Juanita Owens, out lesbian, elected to San Francisco School Board Nov. 1996.

*Hal Christy, Board of Directors, California Teachers Association, POB 6020, Fremont CA 94538-0620; work phone= 510-657-0334, home phone= 510-657-9002, fax= 510-657-9003.

*Barbara Muller, Coordinator, Comprehensive Health Ed, Alameda County Office of Ed, 313 W. Winton Ave, Hayward CA 94544-1198; ph= 510-670-4220, fax= 510-670-4573. email (may not be working)= bmuller@alameda-coe.k12.ca.us

*CENTER FOR THE PRESERVATION OF PUBLIC EDUCATION AT THE NEA, Carolyn Dogget, executive director of Special Projects, CA Teachers Association, 415-697-1400

*Christopher A. Kryzan, Exec. Director, National Coalition for GLB Youth, POB 24589, San Jose CA 95154-4589.; ph= 408-269-6125, fax= 408-269-5328, email= ckryzan@aol.com

*Richard S. Gordon, out gay man elected to the San Mateo County Board of Education, 101 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City CA 94065-1064, ph= 415-802-5550 or 366-8401.

*San Francisco Unified School District Superintendent of Schools Bill Rojas, 135 Van Ness Avenue, Room 209, San Francisco, CA 94102 AND, at same address, SF Board of Education President Steve Phillips.

*Greg Herek, noted researcher on LGB issues, UC Davis, Young Hall, UC Davis 95616, 916-757-3240 or POB 487, Berkeley CA 94701-0487, 510-526-2501. Email= GMHerek@UCDAVIS.edu Greg is very helpful in supplying research documentation and expert testimony re hate violence and many others issues have to do with psychology and LGBT issues.

*People For the American Way, 13323 Washington Blvd, Ste 301, Los Angeles CA 90066; 310-823-2860, Jean Hessburg and Kim Adams, email= <pfawca@aol.com>

*Jan Garbosky, a central office administrator in the Testing Unit of San Diego City Schools, is on the Supt.'s Committee on G/L/B Issues in Education which was established in 1992. Since then 'sexual orientation' has been added to the city's district's nondiscrimination policies for students & staff; our supt., the supt.'s cabinet,the Board of Ed, & all administrators & managers have been trained in L/G/B issues; & our teachers' contract includes nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation + domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples only. This year we have provided awareness training at more than 50 of our district's 160 schools. Jan is also secretary of the San Diego GLSTN chapter. Jan Garbosky, jgarbosk@ec.sdcs.k12.ca.us, San Diego City Schools, 4100 Normal St. - Annex 3, San Diego, CA 92103; (619) 293-8512.

*Project Tocsin, P.O. Box 163523, Sacramento, CA 95816-3523, tel./fax 916-381-3115, e-mail= projtocsin@aol.com. Mostly LGBT folks who monitor the radical religious right.

*Ellen McCormick, LIFE Lobby, 926 J Street, Suite 522, Sacramento, CA 95814,
tel. 916-444-0424, fax 916-444-3059

The Newsletter of GLSEN/SF/EB (formerly BANGLE)
Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network/San Francisco/East Bay is on-line at


*Current List of PFLAG [Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays] chapters


*Your state's GLSEN [Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network] chapters can be found at


FOR OTHER LGBT ALLIES go to this searchable database:



There much in this manual about how to access and utilize news media.

Why should you care about news media?

This is such a high profile issue that inevitably it becomes front page news, whether you wanted it to or not. You have to be ready to handle the media, and it is best to be proactive and put your side of the story out there first.

Get to know your area media people. Make sure you are always accessible to them. Make sure you provide them with accurate information. Be helpful to them, giving them story ideas and leads, background briefings, etc. Be persistent and polite. Remember, media are one of the most pervasive influences in our culture...they can make or break your efforts. Use them to teach the public at large, to organize, to develop allies.

Never let media inaccuracies go unaddressed...the slightest misuse of a word can change a whole story and, if let go, can ultimately ruin all your efforts.

We have provided statewide print media because the orientation of this manual is for systematic change at the statewide level in educational systems. Many smaller media outlets use wire service reports or stories from the major newspapers in their state or area. Thus, you will find that stories big and small bounce up and down the media ladder within a state. It is important to monitor media statewide, since stories, whether good or bad, spread in this multiplier fashion.

Even more important, from the standpoint of your being PROACTIVE, you will want to get the jump on the opposition by sending your releases out by fax and email to as many media as possible.

For important tips on using media and media skills, please refer to APPENDIX VI of our organizing handbook at


For YOUR state's mainstream newspapers, go to


For a searchable database for US local TV stations, go to





10 Percent (San Francisco CA),phone= (415)905-8590 , fax= 1( 415)227-0463

ADVOCATE (Los Angeles CA), phone= (213)871-1225 , fax= 1( 213)467-6805

ADVOCATE (San Francisco CA), phone= (415)752-1616 , fax= 1( 415) 386-6640

Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco CA), phone=(415)861-5019 , fax= 861-6144

BLK (Los Angeles CA), phone= (310)410-0808 , fax= 1( 310)410-9250

Bottom Line (San Diego CA), phone= (619)323-0552 , fax= 1( 619)323-8400

Bravo! (San Diego CA), phone= (619)574-0566 , fax= 1( 619)528-8713

THE BULLETIN, a publication of the Pacific Pride Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA. Letters to the Editor are encouraged... Email: SBbulletin@aol.com

Compass (Los Angeles CA), fax= 1( 213)874-4838

Curve (formerly Deneuve) (San Francisco CA), phone= (415)863-6538 , fax= 1( 415)863-1609

4-FRONT MAGAZINE, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd. #69, West Hollywood, CA 90046; (Fax 213-848-2196, E-MAIL: The4FRONT@aol.com

Frontiers Newsmagazine (W Hollywood), phone= (213)848-2222 , fax= 656-8784

Gay and Lesbian Times (San Diego), phone= (619)299-6397, (619)299-3430; 3911 Normal Street, San Diego. Their Los Angeles Office is 7985 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 220, West Hollywood CA 90046-5112. phone= 213-654-9047; fax = 213-543-1458.

In Touch (Los Angeles CA), phone= (818)764-2288 , fax= 1( 818)764-2307

Lesbian News (Los Angeles CA), phone= (213)656-0258 X113 , fax= 656-8475

Mom ... Guess What! (Sacramento CA), phone= (916)441-6397 , fax=552-7921

Orange County Blade (Laguna Beach CA), phone= (714)494-4898, , fax= 494-4898

Our Paper, POB 23387, San Jose CA 95153; ph/fax= 408-225-1989

OutNOW! (San Jose CA), phone= (408)991-1873 , fax= 739-3054; email = news@outnow.com

Outword, 709 28th St. Sacramento CA 95816; ph= 916-329-9280; fax= 916-498-8445; email outwordMag@aol.com

San Francisco Bay Times (San Fran CA), phone= (415)626-8121 , fax= 626-0629

Square Peg (Los Angeles CA), phone= (213)469-4454 , fax= 1( 213)469-2531

Ten Percent (Los Angeles CA), phone= (310)825-8500, 1 (310)206-0906

Update, PO Box 33148, San Diego, CA 92163-3148, phone= (619) 299-0500, fax= (619) 299-6907

Voice (San Diego CA), phone= (619)688-1168

Washington Blade (San Francisco), phone= (415)861-2247 , fax= 1( 415)861-2247

We The People (Santa Rosa CA), phone= (707)573-8896

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